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We partner with schools in the local area to provide meals on the weekends and during school breaks. The school populations are all at least 80% economically disadvantage. We rely on our school coordinators to "qualify" the families who participate from their school. Each week, we deliver to the school a cooler bag of perishable food and a plastic bag with nonperishable foods. The family will also receive a menu for the weekend that will have any recipes they need to cook the meals on the menu. 

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Hungry Souls not only provides food for our families in need, it offers so much more. Because they know they can count on food for the weekend, or weeks off of school, our families are able to put their energy and focus into other important areas of their lives. For example, families have been able to save up for a deposit on an apartment, put gas in their vehicle to get their kiddos to school, or pay for the water bill. We are so very appreciative of this partnership!

- Kali Fagnent | Former Social Work Lead | Austin Achieve Public Schools

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Ojeda Middle School

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