Our Impact

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide as many meals as we can to families in the Austin area. From serving one school with three families to now serving more than 20 schools and 340 families, we're looking to have an even greater impact this next year.

As we seek to expand into other regions of the state, our impact will only become more significant, and we will see more children arriving at school with full stomachs and ready to learn.

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Our Stats




Program Participants




Pounds of Food Donated From Food Drives




Meals Served




Number of School Partners




Our Stats

Program Participants 675 1,149
Pounds of Food Donated 11,250 34,587
Meals Served 129,720 228,780
# of School Partners 8 24

How We're Impacting Families


My niece and I have been a part of the Hungry Souls program for about 2 years. My niece looks forward to Thursdays as that is when we get our groceries from Hungry Souls. We love the food provided and enjoy cooking together. To a bigger family, the meals provided may only feed them for the weekend, but to us, the meals can last us a few days. We depend on the meals provided to us. I really don't know what we would do without that additional help. We are blessed and thankful for Hungry Souls.
RUTH B. | Program Participant

This program has been a great help for my family. We've learned to cook different foods which also has been a great blessing for my family. It's thanks to this program that I've been able to save money on food and with this I can take my children to play soccer. Thank you so much for making this possible. Many blessings!
Program Participant


The program has greatly impacted my family. We've been able to have food on our table and learn new healthy recipes, with the ingredients and recipe sheets that are provided in the bags every week. I am grateful to be part of this group, thank you so much Hungry Souls and Austin Achieve.
Program Participant

The impact that Hungry Souls has had on our community is beyond measurable. They have provided our community with resources at a time when it was much needed. I know our families have appreciated it very much. We are so honored and thankful to be a partner with this amazing organization.
ILEANNA MERCADO | Former School Counselor, Wayside Sci-Tech Middle School

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