We could not achieve all we do without our dedicated volunteers. They are truly the heartbeat of our organization. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, clerical help, food pick up, food delivery, bag packing, food sorting and inventory, shift managers and event help.

In 2021 thus far we have had 381 volunteers who have logged 1047 hours. This has saved us $10,470 in personnel costs that can be used to feed more families.

Hear From Our Volunteers

Woman volunteering stacking food

"The reason I serve with Hungry Souls, first I have a heart for children and can't imagine them having to miss meals. Hungry Souls is a great organization providing food for families in need so I feel is the least I can do to take part in something so meaningful, and a blessing to our community. I will greatly encourage others to serve with Hungry Souls, and be blessed and humbled at the same time as you interact with members of the staff and other volunteers, knowing you're fulfilling a great need, without volunteers it's impossible to accomplish all the work that it takes to serve those in need."
MARIA BELTRAN | Pantry Volunteer

"I'm a retired, widower, ex-hippie (well old hippie) with plenty of idle time. Always felt [an organization like Hungry Souls] would be a great place to donate some of that time. I've noticed in our dry-goods bags are recipes. The recipe for JOY: Jesus first; Others second; Yourself last. Volunteering is a way to bring joy to the hearts of others. As a Christian, I have only to refer to scripture (Philippians 2 5-11) to know who I am and why I do what I do: "not to be served, but to serve" to be like Jesus."

Volunteers stacking food
older woman heb bags volunteer

"I volunteer with Hungry Souls because it's a good way to minister through the schools and meet an ever-growing need. As someone who works from home, volunteering is a great way to get out of the house and work with other people for a great cause!"
IAN HAGGARD | Driving & Pantry Volunteer

"We believe that this ministry fills a large gap by helping families that struggle to make ends meet while working and providing for their families. Our children are grown now but we remember juggling all the expenses associated with raising a family. Mostly we feel this is a way to share Jesus' love for people in a tangible way. We tell everyone it is a great place to serve and make a difference in the lives of some sweet families. This is a well-organized ministry and the opportunities to serve are many!"
JIM & VICKI LANCASTER | Driving & Administrative Volunteers

"Before I started volunteering with Hungry Souls, I was in a place where worrying about my unemployment was becoming overwhelming--a place many have been this past year. And as a basic principle I grew up with, it's time to redirect the focus to serving others when I'm mostly spending time wringing my hands about my own life. I truly believe serving the children and families that use Hungry Souls helps me as much as it helps them. Spending time serving at Hungry Souls humbles me to the reality that some families don't know where and when their next meal may come from… The number of families and children struggling with poverty in our own country is only growing due to the pandemic. The least we can do as people who are blessed with the privilege of food and shelter is to give our time to keep Hungry Souls and the families who use it alive."
CONNIE CHENG | Meal Planner

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