Did you know that Hungry Souls sells merchandise? Check out our super-soft and comfy t-shirts and our Corkcicle coffee tumblers that keep your drinks hot, hot, hot. You can find these fantastic products here.

Most of our volunteers wear their shirts when stocking our food closet, delivering meals, and working Hungry Souls events. However, think of all of our merchandise as a recruiting tool for telling others about the fantastic work that Hungry Souls does as we try to reduce our list of 428 people waiting for access to our feeding program.

Company picnic on the horizon? Wear your shirt. When asked, share the good news about the work of Hungry Souls. One of our volunteers has been asked about her t-shirt while in line at a fast-food restaurant. Do you need a new on the go mug for your daily dose of caffeine? Buy one of our mugs and wait for your barista or a coworker to ask you about it. You will be a walking billboard for this ministry that is critical to so many families in the Austin area. You never know when you will recruit a new volunteer or donor by sharing our story. By using our merchandise on a daily basis, you will kick start critical conversations that can have a big impact on our mission.

Do you want to go the extra mile in helping us recruit a new volunteer or donor? Think of the people in your life who have a real passion for the under-resourced, for food and cooking, for children. Do you have a new neighbor or coworker who is looking for volunteer opportunities in the area? Buy them a shirt as a gift then tag them in a Hungry Souls Facebook post, text them the website address (hungry-souls.org) and share your story of what it means to be a part of feeding 124+ hungry school children and their family members each week.

All proceeds from merchandise sales go directly toward putting healthy meals on the tables of hungry children. With 100,000 children in the Austin area struggling with food insecurity, we have an overwhelming opportunity to serve that is truly limited only by money and manpower. Just think of what we could do this year if we doubled our volunteers and donors. Who will YOU recruit?