Meal programs, food banks and food pantries across America are celebrating Hunger Action Month during September. With over 100,000 students in the Austin area who are food-insecure and 400 people on our own Hungry Souls waitlist, we are nowhere near solving the problem of food insecurity in our own neighborhoods. Help us mark Hunger Action Month by taking ACTION. We have some quick and easy suggestions for getting started.

  • Follow us on social media. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook. When you see our blogs and other posts, share them! You will be helping us to widen our reach and inspire others to take action.
  • Email and let us know you want to volunteer. We need all kinds of volunteers to shelve food in our pantry, transport food to local schools, help out with events. We even have opportunities perfect for families to serve together.
  • Donate! Check out for simple ways to become a donor or donate directly HERE. Your monthly giving allows us to include your gift in our monthly budget. We will be one step closer to eliminating our 400 person waitlist. More families will be served, and more kids will go to school in Austin well-fed and ready to learn.

Awareness is great, but awareness that leads to ACTION is even better. Help us celebrate Hunger Action Month by taking action in your own home to positively impact your community. Check out our website, for more ideas to become involved and get in on the action.