Do you love the mission of Hungry Souls to be a solution to food insecurity in the Austin area? Would you love to see us serve more of the 400 people on our waiting list? We have a very easy way for you to spread the word and raise the needed funds by holding your own Giving Grid Social Media Fundraiser.

One of our new volunteers recently held her first Giving Grid Fundraiser to celebrate the beginning of her volunteer work at Hungry Souls. It was a great opportunity to let people know what she was doing, educate them about Hungry Souls, and raise some funds. Every dollar makes a difference! Others share this fundraiser to celebrate their birthday or anniversary. You can even have a fundraiser for no special occasion at all. Check out the very detailed instructions HERE to successfully share your own fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram. In a nutshell, the grid (kind of like a Bingo card) raises $585 by having friends and followers claim a square for a donation. This money helps to feed a family for an entire year. The instructions provide suggested scripts for you to use to introduce your fundraiser and to provide donors with instructions for making payments. Feel free to put your own personal spin on them. If you follow the instructions, you should be able to pull this off easily. We suggest keeping your Facebook post up for a week and updating your followers through the comments section every couple of days.

Our new volunteer, Amy, writes, “I had great fun interacting with my friends who donated. They all had different reasons for choosing the squares they chose. One friend made ME guess the ages of her kids to figure out the squares she wanted to take. (I missed one by a year; his birthday is next month. Shoot!) Another friend from high school donated. I haven’t seen her in years, but we keep up on social media. Another high school buddy messaged me on Facebook saying, “Thanks for the opportunity. Wanted to find a food-oriented way to contribute this year but didn’t follow through. Your recommendation made all the difference!” I love that! That is exactly the good that can happen when you share your Giving Grid. The next time this friend wants to give to support hungry families, I hope that Hungry Souls is the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps your efforts will produce a new volunteer or regular donor. So much good can come from this easy effort.”

Have fun with this! There is nothing better than raising funds to feed hungry families and share with them the love of Jesus! Please email with any questions.