Austin has a hunger problem. Over 100,000 children in our town are hungry. So are their parents. People in our city choose every day between putting gas in their car so they can get to work…or buying groceries… or buying medicine. When kids are hungry, school is that much harder. They struggle to focus. They lash out in anger. They fall behind.

Hungry Souls is doing something about all of this. We deliver nutritious ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to Austin school children so that when they are away from school, they still have access to good food. We feed their whole family. Through a generous donor, we even provide each family with a crockpot to further help them. We have a waiting list of children who need our help but guess what we need? We need Austin’s help. Our city’s hunger problem is all our problem and working together we can make a difference. 

Help us bless hungry families right here in our town. This beautiful city should not have hungry children. It’s a problem we can face and defeat.

Have questions about our organization or how you can help? Contact us for more information!