We are an Austin-based organization that partners with local schools to provide weekend and school break meals for students and their families.


We provide an opportunity for food insecure children
in the greater Austin area to have the nutrition necessary
to succeed, thrive and break the cycle of poverty.


We envision an Austin where all children are well fed
and have enhanced educational opportunities. 
Hungry Souls not only provides food for our families in need, it offers so much more. Because they know they can count on food for the weekend, or weeks off of school, our families are able to put their energy and focus into other important areas of their lives. For example, families have been able to save up for a deposit on an apartment, put gas in their vehicle to get their kiddos to school, or pay for the water bill. We are so very appreciative of this partnership!


Our Name has Multiple Meanings

for a Reason

Being hungry takes on many forms besides physical hunger. We see this in our kids and their families every day. Some are hungry for food, some for material needs, some for health and some for friendship and community. Their soul is troubled and we have been called to help.
The greatest hunger we all experience is the need for relationship. And the greatest relationship we are designed to have is one with our creator. Therefore, our end goal at Hungry Souls is to demonstrate the love of Jesus in tangible ways to produce an opportunity to introduce families to Jesus.


Born and raised in Austin, TX, Chris has always been passionate about serving in his local community. After 23 years in the banking and finance industries, Chris followed his heart and call from God into fulltime service. As the Missions Pastor at Bannockburn Baptist Church, he had the opportunity to serve families in many cultural settings across the world. During this time he also started and led two initiatives across the city of Austin; CityServe and The Austin-Guatemala Project.
After serving at the church for six years, Chris entered the nonprofit world as the Director of Community Engagement for Passion Missions and now as the Executive Director for Hungry Souls.
Chris and his wife, Terre, have been married since 1981, have three grown children and 7 grandchildren…with one on the way.